DARO Oil Service Company

DARO Oil Service Company
is an oil and gas company established for the specific purpose of undertaking operations in Iraq and globally, DARO Oil Service Company is derived from group of engineers highly qualified & experienced in the oil field for many years. DARO Oil Service Company aim is to supply the Iraqi oil sector with the necessary skills and technologies to dramatically boost hydrocarbon production volumes through contract drilling operations, services contracts, and/or concessions.
In Iraq it´s our fundamental intention to improve production in oil & gas industry through sound well engineering and cost effective drilling, well stimulation and well intervention operations.

Or strategy is to exceed our client´s expectations, in respect to quality, timing and pricing. Good management is KEY to the success of any project. DARO Oil Service Company has both the field experience and the management exposure to ensure that client´s objectives are met in full. DARO Oil Service Company believes in building an open relationship where mutual respect and trust allow the project to develop and come to fruition through technical and commercial commitment.
Provide an integrated well engineering team.
Use of professional drilling engineers to manage drilling contractors and service companies in the drilling and completing of wells.
Manage well construction process maintaining high standards of safety and environment considerations under H.S.E. guidelines.
DARO Oil Service Company has dedicated skilled in-house technical expertise, allowing senior-level commitment and continuity of contact throughout a project. Our clients can reduce their expenditure by having the benefit of DARO Oil Service Company experience in drilling project management, either for drilling engineering and supervision or complete management of the project. The reduction of risk and cost is one of DARO Oil Service Company main Objectives.